Yung Li

Vietnam factory invest

Planned in 2022 and started mass production from Nov 2023. The main reason for opening another new factory in a different country is to strengthen the stability of avoiding a regional broken supply chain, infectious disease, container shipping traffic jams, natural disasters, or even lack of electricity. YUNG-LI is building the capability of “more than 1 site” to supply our AC power cord globally.

There are more reasons to invest in this big project because importing tariffs are sanctioned more frequently, so having more than 1 production site can offer our customers flexible shipping solutions based on their requests.

Vietnam is a country with a booming economy in which many home appliance companies are setting their present in Vietnam. For good service: the closer, the better! If you are interested in a Vietnam-made AC power cord, please feel free to send an inquiry to the below email.





如果您對越南生產的AC電源線有興趣,請隨時發送詢價至以下電子郵件地址。 (Vietnamese, Japanese, English, and Chinese are OK.)